Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Second Day Drive...Back To The Tire Store We Go...

T & W Tire on North Council Road off of I-40
Once again I headed the 'Izzy" north to Oklahoma City this morning. Back to the tire dealership to get the correct tires on and to get the alignment done.  I will say this about T & W Tire...they are very fair and honorable people.  They waived the price of the alignment and they are going to replace the quarter panel at no charge to me. Mistakes happen and when they do you make lemonade from them.  

Again the drive was nice and I had one little instance where the truck next to me would not let me over to exit the freeway and wanted to race...Really? I actually got the "Izzy" up to 70 mph and she drives real nice at that speed but I would rather keep her at 60-65 mph, feel more in control.  

After the tire appointment was over I headed up to Chad's Car Care at North Council Road and 10th, to get "Izzy" serviced. She is getting new brakes,
Chad's Car Care on North Council Road
possibly shocks, windshield wipers, 19 point inspection and an oil change. She should be just shuddering with joy when done. 

It felt strange to leave her there, but there she stays until the work is done. 

Can't wait to introduce the dogs to hers.  I wonder how they will react. 

Happy trails...

Monday, January 26, 2015

Maiden Drive...Oh Help Me Lord...

I quietly slipped into the drivers seat. Bowed my head in prayer and prayed "Keep me and every other driver out there safe Oh Lord and don't let me run into anything, Amen" 

Sometimes you just have to do it. Pray! To have faith that you can handle a 27,000 lb. vehicle and not get comfortable with the situation.

I had been up since 5:30, guess I was too excited to go back to sleep after I got up for whatever reason. I did fall back asleep at 7:00 am for about an hour. At 8:00 I hauled myself up and out of bed and got ready to go. Still I went off on my sojourn with my coffee cup still sitting on the dinning room table. 

Sunday, Ben and I had to go to Walmart to get a new engine battery. Whose Ben?, you ask.
This is Ben, who loves 
fixing things!
He is a wonderful young man, still in high school, who helps me about the house. He has been working like a Trojan, helping me get the motor home ready for travel. 

Maggie and John Thompson,
Maggie and John...Wonderful people!
RV friends, came over to explain the ins and outs of dumping the RV tanks. It's a thankless job, but one has to do it. We all piled into the RV, gassed her up at the Homeland gas station, as they have 100% gas, no ethanol and went driving over at the Lloyd Noble parking lot.

With the driving help from Maggie, I was able to back her out of the driveway this morning and be on my way.  It certainly is a strange feeling to be so high up and have a commanding view of everything. 
A totally different perspective!

Discovered this evening they put the wrong size tires on the RV and it caused my quarter panel on the passenger side to break. This meant going back to where I thought it came off and retrieving it and I was successful. Will have to see what can be done about it. 
Retrieved panel 
The Boo Boo

Tomorrow I get it aligned, fluids checked and changed and new brakes.  

It was fun to note my reaction to things today as I accomplished them. Whoops of joy! 

Thus it begins...