Sunday, April 30, 2017


Ah, the last letter of the Alphabet the end. In the USA we say Zee, in Canada they say Zed. 

When I first met Dave, my husband, I was a little miffed at the Zed, but grew use to it over time as he never changed it over the years.  The girls grew up learning both Zee and Zed. 

So now that we are at the end of our #atozchallenge for the month of April I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures that I have taken. A fitting end. 


Image result for interstate in st. louis
The Arch
When I was driving back from Washington DC and came to St. Louis I knew I was in for a dicey drive. The interchange right after you cross the Mississippi River is a nightmare of lane changes, twists and turns. 
Hetty my Garmin

Relying on Hetty my Garmin up to this point had been good, however I need instruction a little further ahead than five seconds to make a lane change with a 35 ft. vehicle with a toad. Hetty says to stay left then exit right? Oh Yikes! No way to do it with cars in the way and going 50mph...and there goes my turn onto I-44. Oh well take the next exit and do a work around. 

After getting off the highway and following Hetty's instructions I was able to get back on to I-44 and head Southwest towards Oklahoma and home. 
Oklahoma Sunset

Saturday, April 29, 2017

#atozchallenge...X-X = Love...O = Hugs

I love how we end personal notes or letters with X's and O's signifying love and hugs. I hold dear the last birthday card I got from my husband several weeks before his death, as he signed his name and put several X's and O's signifying his love. 

I love seeing those X's and O's from my grandchildren. Sweet little scribbles on parchment that one day will become bold. Oh those X's and O's that tell me they love me so. 


Last week when I was driving home from Texas the wildflower festival was beginning. Along the roads I traveled and not the major highways, but the back roads the wildflowers were in vibrant bloom. Oh how glorious!

Mile after mile along the shoulders of the roads Indian Paint Brush, Texas Bluebonnets, Black Eyed Susan's, Antelope Horn, Evening Primrose and I could go on and on. So much to see. 

The further I drove north to Oklahoma the less the wildflowers, how sad.  As I entered Oklahoma I saw one little patch of Bluebonnets blooming after that almost nothing. 

This has inspired me to turn my yard at home in to a wildflower haven. 

#atozchallenge20...V-Victory in Sight

This has been quite a challenge to put out a blog each day. With having to travel and then several doctor's appointment this past week and getting ready to go back out on the road next week, it has been daunting, but I am up to the challenge.

Victory is in Sight!

SAS  Short and Sweet! It's what my mom would always say!  Yes Mom!


Fitz William Darcy
Fitz, my daughter's big dog has a penchant for getting into trouble. Yesterday was no exception. The dog loves to ferret out food, no matter how small the morsel. 

I had just finished a gluten-free pot pie when my daughter called wanting me to meet up for drinks at a popular watering hole here in Norman.  I put my tin foil pan in the sink along with my fork and left for The Mont.

We had a great time as it is festival weekend and we went on downtown to the Norman Music Festival for a while and listened to a few of the bands that were playing.

We got back home and I went into the kitchen and stuff was all over the floor that had been on the counter and there on the floor smashed was one of my favorite coffee mugs that had been given to me by my sister-in-law. I love bees and this was a darling mug with a two bees facing each other at the top of the handle where you could put your thumb. It was one of the easiest cups to hold for arthritic hands. UNBELIEVABLE! 
One of Fitz's previous messes 

Fitz had gotten up into the sink and hauled out the tin foil pie plate and when he did he pulled off the coffee cup that had been rinsed and was drying on the drying mat. 

I know one should not become attached to objects, however when it is a gift and fits your arthritic hand so you can pick it up to drink your coffee...well there are just so many things you would like to do to the dog, but won't because you love the darn mutt so much.  So he got put in time out. 
Fitz in time out 


Friday, April 28, 2017

#atozchallenge20...T-Taking it All In...

Spring is such a beautiful time as new life springs forth. Last year I discovered a beautiful little spot in Gladewater, Texas called Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden.
If you happen to pass through Gladewater in February or March and it isn't wet please stop by this beautiful bit of paradise that is well hidden, but is a diamond in the rough. Make sure you make a donation to go through the 4 mile drive. It operates on donations.

Some pictures of the daffodils and a little cutie pie! 


After my fun trip to Shawnee, OK and the RVing Women's National Rally I decided to head to Oklahoma City to Chad's Car Care to have the oil on my RV changed as the engine light came on saying time to change the oil.  On the trip there I turned on the air-conditioner and noticed a funky noise so I turned it off not thinking anything of it.  

Chad's crew had just finished changing the oil and I was getting ready to check out, had the motorhome running and I turned on the air-conditioner and the funny noise started. Chad ran out and told me to cut the engine off.  They checked things out and low and behold the dash air-conditioner had quit working and was in jeopardy of destroying my whole system. Interesting how one thing can domino and take out everything. Wow! 

Thank goodness I had just purchased a warranty the month before as the cost to fix the dash air-conditioner was going to cost $6,000.00 SURPRISE! After all was said and done, after I had some other work done that was necessary which was not covered by the warranty, I was out $2,000.00. 

I know there are some people out there that don't believe in warranties, however because of the age of my motorhome, my lack of knowledge of mechanics and for my peace of mind I believe in them.

Scroll up

Friday, April 21, 2017

#atozchallenge20...R-RV Rallies

I have joined several RV organizations and have attended two rallies now and I must say I have really had a lot of fun! I am getting ready to attend my third rally and am excited to meet up again with friends I have not seen in awhile. 

The first RV Rally I attended was RVing Women.  The whole rally was for women only.  It was  a great confidence booster to know I could get out on the open road, that there were other women out there and if you had a problem there was help and encouragement. These women were

Our WWII Veteran
great!  I greatly admired them.  The oldest person there was 91 and going strong.  She had her own rig and was still driving. She was a retired Army nurse and a Veteran from WWII. We gave her special recognition during the dinner at the rally. 

We played games, attended lots of seminars, shopped lots of vendors and made lots of new friends.
We all had a great time and was sad when we had to say our good-byes.

The Winnebago or WIT Club,The Okiebagos, that I belong to is a lot of fun. We have monthly outings and a yearly State Rally. Last year was my first rally.  Since I sell seasonings,
mixes and marinades I used that time to work the rally and didn't attend any of the seminars.  This year I will be presenting a seminar called "Take that Cheese ball to Dinner", but will be attending more of the seminar programs and attend a Ladies Formal Tea.  This group is a great group and I don't have a problem with theft from my table. I find most RVers are honest people who look out for each other. 

This year will start out with a tour at the National Weather Center in Norman.
Since I live within a stones throw of the center I think I will attend and then drive my RV to Shawnee, OK. for the rally. 

The Highway Patrol will be coming to weigh our vehicles and I am curious to see how balanced my load is. I have a feeling mine is way off and needs to be re-balanced in a most serious way. 

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends in the club and making new friends. These people are so encouraging, supportive and helpful. I just love them.

I'm thinking about attending the big National WIT Rally in Indiana this summer. It will be my first, just to check the scene out. Time to make more friends!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

#atozchallenge20...Q-Quiet Please

Flowering Moss
As an RVer I go to the mountains to get away from the noise of the city and my everyday surroundings. I go to commune with nature, to enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude of my surroundings and listen to the birds and watch the animals as they move through the forest, NOT to listen to your BOOM BOX!
Mount Blanca

I don't think there is anything that bugs me more than to set up camp, build a nice fire, be reading my book, or listening to my music through my earbuds, painting on a canvas,
enjoying my quiet and other campers around me doing the same and some yahoo comes in disrupting the whole scene, not by setting up camp, but by turning on a boom box as loud as he can, talking at the top of his voice,

throwing beer cans all over his campsite and chase the wildlife out of the campground. Not only is it

disrespectful to the rest of us, but disrespectful to nature as well.  

I have actually known the Camp-hosts to call the Sheriff out to get rid of these type of campers. Or there are those campers who arrive after 10 p.m. and start setting up a tent by dumping all the poles on the ground, shouting and shining flashlights everywhere. I have set a tent up late at night and have been quiet about it without disturbing the other campers around me, I know it can be done. Don't wait until you get to the campsite to learn how to set the tent up!
Image result for pictures of tents for camping
I could have stayed home and listened to all of that with all of the college students that surround my house. I leave to get away from the tumult. If you want to be a good neighbor turn your boom box down to where only you can hear it, not the whole campground. The rest of us may not care for your music. If you want to be a good neighbor learn how to pitch your tent in the dark, quietly, the rest of us are sleeping. 

The mountains provides me with the quiet I seek, with that... Quiet Please!  
Day's End at Big Meadow Campground

Additional Pictures for your enjoyment.