Thursday, April 13, 2017

#atozchallenge20...K-Kansas City-MO

When my daughter moved to Kansas City I thought
Kansas City at Night
of it being a new opportunity for her in her work career. What I didn't realize was what a really cool place Kansas City is.

There is so much to do there. I love going up to shop at Crate & Barrel and IKEA stores.  Then there is Prydes Kitchen Store, the building was built as a ballet studio so it has all wooden floors. That place I could get lost in and not surface for a week. I love looking at and
So many kitchen gadgets
to choose from
I love old

getting storage ideas at the Container Store then
driving around and looking at all the fountains and eating at some of the most interesting places.
Kansas City has over 200 fountains

The warehouse district is wonderful to scout out antiques in and then bring home a plant or two from the market district. 

Oh there is so much to do in Kansas City that I can't list it all.  And the Food! Oh the food! Farm to table, great little hole in the wall places that are
A fun sports bar and a steak so tender it was melt in your mouth

gastronomic marvels. And let's not forget the BBQ, especially Joe's 
We were in line for a good 45
minutes to place our
order at Joe's for our BBQ

Lots of outdoor sports activities, The Royals, The Chiefs,  and great places to scout out the stars.

A nearby National Veterans Cemetery that is very beautiful to stroll through. It transports you back to the Civil War. It is also home of the National Memorial to the Veterans of World War I, a beautiful stunning edifice to our fallen heroes.

There is so much to see and do in Kansas City that it would take several weeks if not months to take it all in. Each time I go up I find more to do and discover. 

Be sure to plan a trip to and have fun in Kansas City! 

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