Thursday, April 20, 2017

#atozchallenge20...Q-Quiet Please

Flowering Moss
As an RVer I go to the mountains to get away from the noise of the city and my everyday surroundings. I go to commune with nature, to enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude of my surroundings and listen to the birds and watch the animals as they move through the forest, NOT to listen to your BOOM BOX!
Mount Blanca

I don't think there is anything that bugs me more than to set up camp, build a nice fire, be reading my book, or listening to my music through my earbuds, painting on a canvas,
enjoying my quiet and other campers around me doing the same and some yahoo comes in disrupting the whole scene, not by setting up camp, but by turning on a boom box as loud as he can, talking at the top of his voice,

throwing beer cans all over his campsite and chase the wildlife out of the campground. Not only is it

disrespectful to the rest of us, but disrespectful to nature as well.  

I have actually known the Camp-hosts to call the Sheriff out to get rid of these type of campers. Or there are those campers who arrive after 10 p.m. and start setting up a tent by dumping all the poles on the ground, shouting and shining flashlights everywhere. I have set a tent up late at night and have been quiet about it without disturbing the other campers around me, I know it can be done. Don't wait until you get to the campsite to learn how to set the tent up!
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I could have stayed home and listened to all of that with all of the college students that surround my house. I leave to get away from the tumult. If you want to be a good neighbor turn your boom box down to where only you can hear it, not the whole campground. The rest of us may not care for your music. If you want to be a good neighbor learn how to pitch your tent in the dark, quietly, the rest of us are sleeping. 

The mountains provides me with the quiet I seek, with that... Quiet Please!  
Day's End at Big Meadow Campground

Additional Pictures for your enjoyment.

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