Sunday, April 30, 2017


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The Arch
When I was driving back from Washington DC and came to St. Louis I knew I was in for a dicey drive. The interchange right after you cross the Mississippi River is a nightmare of lane changes, twists and turns. 
Hetty my Garmin

Relying on Hetty my Garmin up to this point had been good, however I need instruction a little further ahead than five seconds to make a lane change with a 35 ft. vehicle with a toad. Hetty says to stay left then exit right? Oh Yikes! No way to do it with cars in the way and going 50mph...and there goes my turn onto I-44. Oh well take the next exit and do a work around. 

After getting off the highway and following Hetty's instructions I was able to get back on to I-44 and head Southwest towards Oklahoma and home. 
Oklahoma Sunset

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