Thursday, April 20, 2017

#atozchallenge20...P-Pets We Travel With...

Like a lot of RVers I travel with a pet. I use to have 3 dogs. Two were my daughters dogs. Fitz William Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennett(Guess you know where she got those names from). I now have Bear my Schipperkee who was a rescue.  All our dogs have been rescues.
Me and Christie with
 Lizzy Fitz and Bear
Not only did all the dogs provide comfort to me, but protection and alerted me when someone approached the coach. The two larger dogs have gone home to their mama now that she owns a house and not an apartment. 
Lizzy and Bear
 Playing in the snow
Fitz a German Shepard/Lab mix and Lizzy a Malinois/golden retriever mix, both very loving dogs but big shedders! It was always a challenge traveling with them as I had to keep

Mr. Bear

them leashed inside Izzy. I also had to build barriers to keep them from getting upon the dashboard, which they did quite often and wreak my plants. No was not in their vocabulary.
One of my barricades
There was no taking them on a walk, they were to big for me to handle. Heaven forbid if they saw another dog! 

Bear, on the other hand, loves to explore and make new doggy friends...also...

Bear the Schip is a mess. Terrified of storms, rain, thunder any loud sounds and he starts shaking like a leaf. I have tried the Thunder Shirt, it doesn't work with him. I have tried wrapping him in a big towel and holding him next to me in bed at night during a bad storm, does not work. I have ended up putting him in a hard side crate just about the same size as him with a towel draped over it to help calm him along with giving him some Benzedrine.  

If I go off and leave him in the RV I will come home to a "present". I either have to crate him for a short leave if I am running to the market, or if I am going to be gone longer I can leave him in my bathroom area with towels down on the floor with his water, food and bed and shut the doors. Sometimes he is a good boy, most of the time...not.  He thinks he is human and should go with me everywhere. I'm his third owner. 

Mr. Bear is a good traveler though.  He likes to sit in the passenger chair and look out the window and then curl up and go to sleep for the duration of the trip except when we get gas, he starts crying if he can't see me.  I try to reassure him that I am still there and coming back.  The dog has huge separation issues. 

Other than that he is a good traveling buddy and gives me lots of love, but can be stubborn as all get out. If I put him out in the morning, he wants back in, but then turns around and wants back out. The poor fellow can't make up his mind. However let someone approach the coach, I know about it. He is a good little watchdog.

I have met lots of people who have lots of different pets, some have birds, cats, dogs, snakes, ferrets and even chickens. So to all those RVers with your beloved pets out there, Happy Trails!

Now that Fitz and Lizzy are no longer with me in my travels it's time to change my blogs name to My Big Adventure...Traveling with Mr. Bear


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    1. Thank you! It only makes sense since I only travel with one dog. :)


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