Saturday, April 15, 2017

#atozchallenge20...M-Mind Over Matter

I was about to face my biggest fear...driving across country by myself with three dogs. Could I actually do it? Christie had a calming effect on me, someone I could talk to while driving going to Washington DC.
There was no one  to talk to except the dogs and woof woof was not exactly the answer I was looking for. Of course I was driving Izzy before I had taken my driving course. I had driven her from Washington to French Creek with no problems but I was getting ready to embark on 1358 mile journey back home and I was having to summon my courage from gosh who knows where.

Again I heard Dave's voice saying "You can do this Smeal, you can do anything you put your mind
 Oh how I longed to actually have him here with me, but then I wouldn't be doing the driving, he would, but he was there with me, in his little box, situated in the passenger chair with his Indian Jones hat resting on top of him. Just having him there gave me comfort and I did actually talk to him a lot describing a lot of what I saw. It help to ease my drivers fatigue.

After dumping my tanks and doing a walk around I eased Izzy out onto the road and decided to take a lesser road to the highway. It turned into a one-way lane, big mistake! Thank goodness no one was coming the other direction. It by chance took me back around to main road I came in on.  Didn't save me one bit of time, but sure was pretty. 

I decided to take the northern route home across Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri to
My Route
Oklahoma as the southern route was breaking out with springtime weather and tornadoes.  The trees were just starting to bud out so no color really. 

I made it across Pennsylvania with no problems at all. I had done it! Driving the Pennsylvania Turnpike was a breeze.  Even going through the tunnels was kind of fun, there were two long tunnels I had to go through. The Pennsylvania countryside is beautiful. Lots of farming communities and little burgs down in valleys. It reminded me of Norman Rockwell paintings. 

I stayed two days at the Fox Den Acres RV park in New Stanton, PA due to bad weather.  This is a very nice family oriented RV park that had just open the
Long level spots, but storm
moving in fast in background
The Camp Store and Office

day I arrived for the season, lucky me. 

I then drove almost through Ohio and found the Dayton KOA in Brookville, OH This is a beautiful facility and very family oriented, but very expensive for a one night stay. Managed to camp next door to some fellow Oklahoman's who were heading east to see relatives.  You meet the nicest people out on the road. 

The next day I carried on to Effingham, Il to Camp Lakewood Campground. A Good Sam Park. This is a very peaceful park and quite beautiful with a lovely
Rig of the fellow Oklahoman
lake that guests can fish in without a license. I stayed here two days, again due to rain and once again ran in to fellow Oklahoman's.

As I got back on the road the trees were greening up the further I headed west and the Red Bud trees were in bloom.
One of the many outdoor
twin theaters I saw

 The next stop was in Cuba, MO at the Ladybug RV Park which sadly is no long in existence. It was a great place to stay and was a Passport America Park which only cost $14.00 for the night.

The next night saw me in Springfield, MO at the Timbercrest RV Park. I would not recommend this park. Tick city! This park was not kept up. Also I experienced one of the worst storms ever there with 60 mph winds and their storm cellar was filled with water. Tornadoes were to the west of us. I had to pull
Bad winds and storms through Springfield, MO
my slides in three times due to the winds. Was awakened at 2 in the morning by another round of storm and prayed I would not be tipped over, the winds were that bad. 

I was glad to get back on the road and headed toward Tulsa, OK and my brother. I made good time and got there around 5 p.m. and got hooked up at the Mingo RV Park, a Good Sam Park. I had dinner with my brother and his family. After dinner I headed back to find the inside of my RV flooded with water. I forgot to put the ice maker water hose outside of the RV. I got every article of clothing, towels, anything
One of the many tree carvings in the park. 
that would soak up water to get the water up and out of the carpet.  Thank goodness no damage was done. It took awhile to get the water out of the carpet but I did it. I did find a swollen tick on me behind my knee. Ugh!(Ended up having to go to the Doctor to make sure I did not have Lime Disease)
Tick bite, took months to

The next morning I left bright and early on the final leg of my journey. Home was in sight. I gassed up and found my way to the Turner Turnpike and turned Izzy's nose southwest and headed home amongst the lush green trees and grasses of Oklahoma. Soon I pulled onto my street, but before I could pull into my driveway I had to unhook Libby from Izzy. 

We had made it home with only one mishap but intact and safe. I had done it! I had put Mind over Matter and proved to myself that I could handle Izzy on crappy roads, construction zones, in suspect winds, truck traffic, gas stations and backing up when necessary.  I could hear Dave now..."Well done Smeal, Well done." 


  1. Well done. Your could overcome the crappy roads. Good reading.
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  2. Great job making it with only the one mishap. It had to have been a tough drive. Nice to have some confidence at the end of it, knowing that you've got this!

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador

    1. What makes it so interesting is the shocks on the motorhome were the original shocks. Most people would have sold the unit after that trip, but I put on new shocks and it improved the handleability immensely.

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