Saturday, July 28, 2018

There Be Puppies in Texas...

I had had my hands full with three dogs again, two of them being puppies that pee everywhere. Thank goodness for a full grown dog who knows how to get outside quick!  

The routine in the morning was for me to open up the back door and the outside garage back door. Lizzy would wait by the puppies crate as I opened their crate, then I would tell her to take them outside! And she did, on the double, without hesitation! I think I only had one accident while they learned what outside meant. 

At first as soon as Han's little feet hit the concrete on the patio he peed, Ugh! I had to get him to understand that he had to go on grass to which he then thought carpet in the house was grass. Noooo! Then he decided that he had to poop on the patio, Noooo again!

The purchased puppy pads were placed about the kitchen. It was a 50/50 proposition for sure as half the time they were peed on and half the time chewed up by you know who! 

Lizzie was not warming up to the puppies very well. She really didn't bite them but would bare her teeth and snarl. Once in a while she would get a nip in to let them know she didn't like them crawling all over her as they would mob her while playing in the back yard. Most of the time she would ignore them. 

It was time to leave for Texas and the 4th of July weekend. I had the car loaded and was putting puppies in the car, the final thing to do. This was a Friday, Christie was already in Texas, as she arrived on Thursday. I was going to go down Thursday, but needed one more adjustment from my Chiropractor. Lizzy was in the car, Han was in the car and as I was carrying Chewie out to the car, I stepped out the back door and my shoe caught the carpet and twisted sideways causing me to fall backwards.  I reached backwards with my right arm trying to catch a shelf, hyperextending my shoulder. I twisted my lower back landing on my right (bad) side. Sent the puppy flying and he landed next to the car, scurrying underneath. I had to lay there for a few minutes before trying to move, assessing my injuries. Any broken Now to try and get up. That is my biggest problem, getting up. Ever since having artificial knees you can't get on them as they hurt like hell! I looked around and realized I had moved the dryer in front of the back door during the fall, not good. I scooched over to the back door and grabbed the door handle and pulled myself up to a position to where I could get one leg up under myself and get up on one knee then up to the other knee then stand up. Whew! I knew the drive ahead was not going to be a fun one now as I was starting to hurt.  I went into the house and took two Tylenol, went back out to the garage and recovered Chewie and got him into his crate. I finished locking up the house and proceeded toward Texas. Light sabers ready!

My trip had already been long, as I had been dealing with a medical problem on this little journey that I had an appointment for on the following Tuesday. It was hot and having to stop for any amount of time was not fun. Dogs, however do have to take potty breaks, especially puppies.  I was warned not to let them take breaks in public areas, so we would have to take breaks in the off beaten areas. Thankfully they were quick about it. 

You never know what you will find out on the highway. As I am traveling at 75mph as I spy a large purple sack on the side of the road. I say to myself "Nah, it cant be".  What do I do? Yep you guessed it. I went to the next exit got off, went back to the following exit and then went back to the large purple sack. 50 lbs. of Red Onions! Where they were located, I was actually taking my very life in my hands, I was parked on a bridge. I put on my emergency blinkers and went for it.  I had to drag them back to my car, unload about 5 lbs. into the floorboard of the car before I could find enough sacking to grab and lift the sucker up into the front seat of the car. Then I had to walk to the front of my car and wait for a break in the truck line to get my door open and in the car.  Boy those truckers don't give you an inch! But I got my onions! 

I arrived at the house and the kids were all excited to see the puppies. Especially Maggie. She just loves dogs. One of the first things Christie and I did after we unloaded the car was to go to Walmart and get a portable dog pen. This way we could set up a pen inside the house for the pups. Then Christie would have a place to coral Chewie at home.   

I was not feeling well enough to go to Jefferson to watch the fireworks, besides I didn't want the local fireworks to upset the pups, so I stayed home and kept them company. The rest of the family went and enjoyed the festivities. I watched season 2 of The Handmaids Tale on Hulu. 

Some of J's great photography shots of fireworks

Miss Maggie all decked out for the 4th

We noticed blood in Han's stool and had to take him to our Vet in Texas and found out that he had Hookworm, Roundworm, and Tapeworm. Poor baby! So both of the puppies were de-wormed again. At this Vet visit Han weighed 20 lbs. and Chewie 18 lbs. Shows how fast they are growing. 
Han waiting for results
Christie left with Lizzy and Chewie to go back to Kansas City on Thursday as she had a class to teach on Friday. I left on Saturday with Andy and Han. I had put Han in the front seat...big mistake. He chewed through the audio cable and the power cable to Andy's DVD player. So into the crate he went for the ride home. 

Maggie loved on the puppies so much that I know she will miss them. She calls them both Chewie.
Maggie Loving on Han

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The Vet Visit...Oops Wrong Vet...

When we got Chewie and Han I asked Rodney their former owner who he used as their veterinarian. He told me Westwood Veterinarian Services on Mercedes in Norman.  As it was time for their next set of shots, I called and made their appointment. 

Christie had to go back home to and get things ready there for Chewie in Kansas City before she could take him up there. So I was taking care of two puppies and Lizzie until we were to meet up in Texas for the 4th of July. 

I must have had a severe brain fart, you know, one of those senior moments,  for when it came time for the puppies vet visit, I went to the wrong Veterinarian! I went to Rose Rock Veterinarian Hospital on 24th. They came out and got the puppies and took them into their puppy room. They looked and looked for their record and it was then I realized my mistake and called Westwood and had their records transferred over to Rose Rock. Oh Bother! The Dr., attendants and staff there at Rose Rock were wonderful and understanding and so great with the pups. They got their shots, de-worming and nails clipped.  One tip to clipping nails is to put a bead of cheese whiz from a can down for the pup to lick while you clips its nails.  Great distraction!

Han was up to 16 lbs. and Chewie 14 lbs.  When we got them Han was 10 lbs. and Chewie 8 lbs. Han is going to be more like the Great Pyrenees and Chewie like the Blue Heeler.

Puppy play after puppy shots at the Vet!

All tuckered out after hard puppy play!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Han Solo...Did you say HAN SOLO...And CHEWBACCA

When Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge

I said I would not get another dog. Then two months later Christie lost our most beloved Fitzwilliam Darcy most unexpectedly.

He died on a Saturday without warning and she had him cremated on a Sunday. She lives in an area where there is no place to bury him. Several days later on Facebook a dear friend posted the most adorable picture of this little fellow. I instantly fell in love with that little face. I don't know why, but I did. Again I reminded myself I did not want another dog but the irresistible pull of this little fellows face was too much!
Han Solo at 4 weeks

Christie was coming into town later in the week for a work related thing and would be staying for a bit. So I made arrangements on Thursday with the owner to meet at Lions Park after she got into town on Friday and dropped her car off at Firestone to be worked on, to meet this little fellow. I also asked for him to bring another puppy. He had just the perfect little fellow in mind.  We got there and she took her big dog Lizzy for a walk and I waited for the puppies. They arrived! Christie put Lizzy up and came over to the car to meet the puppy and was shocked to see two! I told her I had a surprised for her. She was expecting to see only one, the one for me. However I had the gentleman bring one for her. I knew she was heartbroken over Fitz and I knew a new puppy would not only help her, but help Lizzy as well. This little guy was precious.

Chewie at 8 weeks
We took them both! Besides, they were free and already had their first puppy shots.  Their parents are...Daddy, full blood Queensland Blue Heeler...Mother, Half Great Pyrenees-Half Labrador.

We brought them home. Christie got out Fitz's old wire crate and cleaned it up for the puppies to stay in (That is why you never throw anything away even after 10 years). We washed bedding and towels. Purchased puppy food and new toys and treats. Cleaned out past dog dishes and water bowls and made them comfortable.

The next thing to do was to name them. We are big Marvel Fans and Started to Name them Bucky and Steve. I would have Bucky and Christie would have Steve, but as the evening wore on the names didn't fit the personality of the dogs. Her dog chewed everything including my hands and arms (I looked like a pin cushion) and my dog was a complete little rogue. Hmmm, who did we know that fit that combination other than Chewbacca and Han Solo! It just fit! And so they were named! Han and Chewie!
Two Rouges of a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Our two rouges

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Good Bye Mr. Bear...

For three years now I have had a faithful little traveling partner who would travel in the navigators chair beside me while we tootled down the highway either in the motorhome or the car. Never complaining while doing so and always happy to go on the next adventure. Good ole Mr. Bear.

We got Mr. Bear from a couple in Texas in 2009 who could not take care of him any longer as they traveled too much. He was not sure of his place in the house as we had two dogs already, but he quickly established himself as the Alpha dog as so many little dogs do and just as quickly won a place in our hearts. 
The Three Amigos
He went on many adventures with the family and was a seasoned traveler.  
On the road again!
All ready for the Trip to Washington DC

He never objected to when our grandson or granddaughter hauled him around the yard on his lead. He happily followed. 

Andy and Maggie having a load of fun with Bear who never objected
Sometimes he would get himself into trouble with his barking, especially in the motorhome. RV Parks will kick you out if your dogs disturb other people. 
OK, The cat made me do it.

I heard a noise I bark, a lot!

Come on guys, let's get this party started, I want cake!
Did you say it was time to drink coffee? Oh Fitz!
Boy oh Boy, on the road again!

This last adventure he was so excited to hop in the car and was ready to go see his big brother Fitz and sister Lizzy in Kansas City and as always to "give 'em hell" in don't mess with me. We arrived and everyone was excited to greet each other. This was on Friday.

Saturday was good and he was playful and happy, but during the night sometime Bear started to become restless and not quite so playful, sort of like he was tired. This was Sunday.

Monday early, I could hear him becoming more restless and when I woke up he had pooped all over the floor which he never does and he was pacing. He made it downstairs, but he constantly walked from one end of the condo to the other, getting lost and standing in one place for long periods of time.

We finally called a Vet Service which came to the house and it was determined that Bear had a stroke and now was blind and deaf due to the swelling in his brain. We determined he could see shadows enough to avoid objects but could not hear us. The Vet started him on some steroids to reduce the swelling  to see if we could get him back on an even kilter.

We enclosed him in a smaller space for safety when away and put him in his house for sleeping for the remainder of the visit. The other dogs were very patient with him and at one point it looked like he might become his old self again as he started a tussle with Fitz. 

On Monday I drove home with him and he did fairly well, but a six hour drive was almost too much for him. The last hour he kept wanting to get up and try to walk around the car. It was all I could do to keep him still and drive. 

We finally made it home and I put him outside and it was like he knew the place, went to his water, got a drink and started to wander the yard and I thought to myself that we might make it after all. Tuesday morning I put him out and he trotted off around the corner of the house like it was normal, later I found him asleep in my granddaughter playhouse. Unfortunately when he woke up, he woke up really confused and unsteady.  

As this week progressed, Bear had another stroke. He wanders in tight little circles not knowing where he is going, bumping into things and crying, where before he was avoiding them. I can't pick him up as he has the worst scream in the world and tries to bite me when I do. He will wander for hours on end before he finally will collapse out of exhaustion. 

Now he can't find his food or water and if he does he steps in it knocking it all over the floor. The light in his eyes is gone. There is no recognition of anything. The quality of his life is not there, he is just existing.

Last night I was able to cover him in a big fluffy towel and pick him up and sit in my recliner and hold him and rock him for almost two hours while he slept. What a joy to hold the little guy. 

He has now progressed to the point of not being able to walk as of this afternoon or find his food or water and is crying with every breath. It is time for him to cross the Rainbow Bridge. My dear "daughter" Grace who is a Vet will lovingly administer the doses tomorrow at 3:00 pm. We have known Grace since grade school and know what a compassionate and caring person she is. He will be surrounded by people who know him and love him as he quietly slips into peace. 

Do I want to put him down? Not really, I would prefer God just gently take him over the Rainbow bridge like he did Tara and Pepper. I just want to say you were a faithful little companion who had a rough start, but were loved even if you were ornery. We love you dearly my little man. Rest well, you deserve it.   

Bear, always loving his bath!
i love his smile!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Christie Leaves for Home...

My main computer that I like to write on has been down for sometime. Now that it is back up and running and I'm able to get to the pictures I want, I'm ready to finish my sojourn back home from Washington DC  that Christie and I took in the Spring of 2015. Lots of water has passed under the bridge and I have so much to write about.

Wednesday morning, April 8th, had come too soon. Christie got all packed to leave to go back home.  We had a wonderful thirteen days together that went by way too fast. It was grand having her with me as I don't know I would have had the gumption to do the trip alone, but now I had to put on my big girl panties and finish the trip by myself. That meant handling the RV and car all by myself along with the three dogs as well. 

Dulles International Airport

As it was time to leave, she said good bye to her dogs and we loaded her stuff into the car and off we went to Dulles Airport.  We had arrived in plenty of time to get her checked in and wait for her plane.  I gave her a big hug, we took the customary picture
The Customary picture...always!

and I started to leave. I stopped, as I was trying to figure out my Garmin (Hetty) and get my location programmed in, I was starting to pull away when I noticed Christie and waved at her, lo and behold she was coming out of the airport and flagged me down. I stopped and she said we had gone to the wrong airport and she was suppose to fly out of Reagan to which I said, "No, you didn't look at your ticket, you assumed you were flying out of Dulles." Good thing I had not left yet! So we reprogrammed Hetty to go to Reagan National Airport, she hopped behind the wheel and off we went. 
Reagan National Airport

We managed to arrive with time to spare, once again we went through the motions of saying good-bye. This time she made her plane and was off.  I programmed Hetty to get me back to the campground and lo and behold I made it just fine even through rush hour traffic and a traffic accident (not mine)! 

That night I went back to Chevy's Fresh Mex and made sure I got my favorite waitress and had a wonderful meal. 

I spent the next couple of days just chilling around the RV and not straying far from the campground. 

I did not go back into DC, but readied Izzy for the adventure ahead.  Friday I was leaving for Reading Pennsylvania to see my cousin Jill.  It  had been sixty years since I had last seen Jill and I was looking forward to seeing her again.

Just think...A New Adventure...

Sunday, May 14, 2017

A Fun Week and Weekend Behind Me...

I'm sitting in my recliner resting after a fun week and weekend with about 80 people and 40 coaches in Shawnee, Oklahoma at the Oklahoma Winnebago State Rally. 

The week started on Tuesday with a tour of the National Weather Center in Norman Oklahoma. The
National Weather Center
facility is impressive and the latest in technology in weather forcasting. It is also an amazing place to visit and see the inner workings about what takes place behind the scenes of forcasting the weather and what it takes to keep us safe. People from all over the world come there to learn all about meteorology. The tour was free and our tour guide was very interesting. We had lunch in the Flying Cow CafĂ©, named after the scene in the movie "Twister".  I stood too long and was not able to drive the coach over to Shawnee. I had to go home and "rest" and drive over the next day. 

The drive over to Shawnee on Wednesday was an easy drive. It was a bit on the windy side so I just took it easy and didn't rush it.  I was there and set up by 11:00 am and took my time getting set up inside. The weather was not exactly cooperating and was very chilly and windy.  We were supposed to have a cookout in the parking lot, instead we had it inside.  Everyone brought a side dish and if we wanted something other than hot dogs we brought our own meat to cook. I was not sure if the hot dogs were gluten-free so I brought chicken tenders that had been marinating in my special pickle brine. They were very good. I then got help unloading my car and some of the guys and gals helped me get my products to my booth for me to get set up.

I had to drive back to Norman in my car to pick up some parcels that were due to be delivered by UPS and FEDEX, things I needed for my Tastefully Simple seminar that I was giving on Thursday. 

Thursday was a busy day for me as I was getting ready for my seminar that I was giving at 3:00p.m., something I had never done before. The day did not start off well and the rest of the day sort of went down hill from there. The Highway Patrol came to weigh our coaches and I couldn't get my slides in! Oh Bother! In a panic I went and found C.W. Harris, he and Kenny Zwiegel came and helped me get the slides in. It had something to do with my emergency brake switch. Success! Slides came in. Coach was weighed and I didn't have to make any adjustments! Wow! Boy was I lucky! Well I shouldn't celebrate just yet as when I went to reset my jacks and slides I couln't get my jacks to come down or get my slides out. Now what! HELP!!! And help came in the form of a text from some dear friends, John and Maggie Thompson who are fulltime RVers. John said for me to turn on my generator and try to get the jacks down and put the slides out. Yippie!!! It worked! John said I needed to check my house batteries, they may be low on water, I did, they were. They work fine now. Thanks John and Maggie, you are a blessing to me!

I had lots to do before 3:00 pm as I was going to fix Magic Chicken, make a cheese ball then turn it into a sauce for the chicken. I had to go to the store to pick up the chicken and other items that were needed and distilled water for the coach batteries. My biggest challenge was how was I going to get all of the stuff that I was going to need for the demonstration up to the seminar room. Ah...a rolling laundry basket with a handle.  It holds a lot and worked great! What would I do without Walmart.  I had fun and the chicken and sauce turned out wonderful. I think everyone there had a good time as well and enjoyed the food.  I took the broth back to the motorhome and made cooked rice in my pressure cooker, it was so flavorful. I learned to keep it simple and do a little pre-prep for next year. 

I had to drive back to Norman again as I had another parcel being delivered by UPS. Good thing too as it held product from the demonstration earlier in the day and I knew I would have sales Friday and Saturday from people wanting the dip, pickle kit and spices to make Magic Chicken. After getting back from my quick trip to Norman, I had to make refrigerator pickles for my booth and make Gluten-free Brownies for the Hospitality table for the opening of the Rally on Friday morning.  I was up till 1:30am baking brownies. Boy were they good! You would never know they were Gluten-free. They are a part of some of the products I sell.  I sold several packages of the brownie mix over the weekend. 

Friday morning I was up early slicing up my brownies and getting ready for the day. I don't think I could have gotten through the day without my Plexus. I got my plate of brownies to the Hospitality table then got situated at my booth. We stood for the presentation of the colors said the Pledge of Allegiance, Henry led us in prayer.  We had guest speakers welcoming us to Shawnee and telling us a little bit about the city and places to go and see plus were to eat and a welcome from the Mayor. 
Then we were dismissed to the FOOD!  Everything was so good.  We had guests from Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and the rest of us from Oklahoma. 

One of the things I had done for Izzy on Friday is to have her washed. The gentleman from REC-WASH is from Texas and did an outstanding job on her.  She looks so nice. I need to get a good coat of wax on her and she will look real spiffy. He washed most of the coaches at the rally.  

The games started at 12:30 and everyone had a great time playing one of the many games, socializing or attending a seminar during the day. The ladies had a lovely tea at 2:00 in the afternoon. I was able to have some nuts. Others were able to have lovely little sandwiches and treats. We dressed up in dresses and hats. I haven't had a formal hat on in years. It was a lot of fun. We had a catered dinner and a fun time with the WITless Players. Afterwards I retired to the coach a little early and crashed as I was tired.

Saturday Morning was a catered breakfast provided by SkyMed, with sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits, gravy, hash-browns, jelly, juice and coffee. I had everything but the biscuits and gravy. Everything tasted so good, guess I was hungry.  I have used my SkyMed and am glad I made the purchase and know that I am covered if I need it.  There were more games to be played, wisdom to soak up from the older members, purchases to be made, sales to be made and making new friends. We also got to take a tour through a new 2017 Winnebago, what a beautiful rig. Oh dream on Susie...

Dinner for the evening again was catered and
delicious. We had the missing soldier table set, Andy Anderson read the history of the table and the symbolism of how it is set. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. Then we had great entertainment by Dale Cummings - The "C" after dinner.   He sings songs from the 50's 60's and 70's, we all sang along and danced and those who couldn't
dance moved in their chairs.  It was so fun to watch and sing along because we all knew the words. Gee are we all that old? We ended the evening doing the Chicken Dance. Most everyone got up and did the dance. A motion was made the next day that we end the evening with the
Chicken Dance as everyone had such a great time. 

Sunday morning started early as I was hearing thumping and bumping as the early risers were pulling in their hoses, dumping their tanks and getting their rigs ready for travel. There was a continental breakfast waiting for them if they wanted otherwise they headed out to their next destination. At 8:00am was a Sunday Service lead by Henry. It was very inspirational. The rally was brought to a close and the colors retired. There was the individual club yearly meetings afterwards that I stayed for as it is always interesting. The main topic was the National Rally in July and what was going to be served during the walk and greet. 

I got back to my coach, started breaking down and packing things up. I always take my time as it wears me out. I was the next to the last to leave. The drive home was uneventful and I got home around 4:00pm. unhitched Libby and parked Izzy. Put Libby (Honda) in the garage, grabbed my pillow came into the house and vegged out the rest of the evening in my recliner. 

This past Monday found me at the Chiropractor getting a much needed adjustment. I feel so much better. 

I had a great time at the state rally and look forward to the next one. May have to rethink how I want to do my products. It's hard on my body to haul all of the stuff I have. 

If you would like to have a copy of the recipe for the Magic Chicken you can email me at:, I will be more than happy to send it to you.  You can also cruse my website if you wish. I know, shameless plug, but if you fix the Magic Chicken you might want to get the seasonings to fix it. There are so many things you can fix with the chicken. Put in the subject line "Magic Chicken". 

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Ah, the last letter of the Alphabet the end. In the USA we say Zee, in Canada they say Zed. 

When I first met Dave, my husband, I was a little miffed at the Zed, but grew use to it over time as he never changed it over the years.  The girls grew up learning both Zee and Zed. 

So now that we are at the end of our #atozchallenge for the month of April I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures that I have taken. A fitting end.