Thursday, November 15, 2018

Han's Point of View...What a Busy Week...

Wow, I had a busy week last week. I could barely keep up with it. Mom took me to class and Abby said I had to do a 50 foot recall.  Several other dogs went before me. Tia wanted to run to me during her recall but her master got her on track.  I like Tia, she is a flat coat retriever and we like to play. 
My graduation class, Tia is on my left
After several dogs it was my turn. Mom put me into a sit-stay and then walked across the room.  I had to be real good and not follow her although I wanted to. Then she turned and held the lead and called my name. "Come Han Solo, come" and off I went like a shot. Right to her! Mom was so proud, Abby was too. This was my final test and I DID IT!
Me and my good manners scarf
After class my name was called and Mom went up and got two pieces of paper. She said one was for graduating obedience class and the other was to show what I would be good at and it said a Good Canine Citizen Dog, I also got a white bandana, showing that I know my manners. Mom was so proud of me.  We would have hung around but there were men waiting at mom's house and she had to hoof it back to Norman to finish emptying her motorhome.

I never got to ride in the motorhome, but Mom said it was real nice and that I would have liked it.  I do like riding with Mom in her car though. I get to look out the front window when she is driving. Mom says she is going to get something smaller and easier to take care of. I sure hope so.
These are the nice guys that bought Mom's 
motorhome and unloaded it for her
Mom had to put Chewie and me in the big crate while she worked with the guys. They were very nice and helped her unload all of the stuff in her motorhome into the garage. Now she can't put her car in the garage. I wonder where we will train when it is cold outside as we had been training in the garage.  I know she will figure it out. 
This is a strange building that over the 
highway to Kansas City.
Mom says she remembers it from when 
she was a little girl.
I like road trips.  Mom and I took Chewie and Lizzy back to Christie in Kansas City and I got to work. Mom took me to Ikea and the Sears Outlet Store and the At Home store. Boy Ikea sure is big. Lots of smells to sniff and things and people to see. 
This white stuff sure is cold on 
my toukas
What is all of this white stuff falling to the ground Mom? It's cold and wet and melts when it hits my nose, yet I like playing in it, it's fun!  Mom says it's called snow and what I got to play in was not very much she says. I guess I will find out what it is like. 

Chewie and I love waking up Mom in the morning

I was sad to leave Chewie, as we play and play and love to run up and down the stairs, but Mom says she needs me to pay attention and work now.  With Chewie around I don't pay attention like I should.  Hope you had a good week too.


Mom here...Even though it was a rather hectic week, Han graduated Basic Obedience at K9 University. I will be enrolling him in Intermediate Obedience after the first of the year. With the holidays coming and my schedule there was no way for me to get Intermediate done before the end of the year. Han would have loved the motorhome I think, however I could no longer keep it up as my helper moved away.  It takes an extra person helping to get it ready and I think a smaller unit will be much better. The guys that bought Izzy were very helpful in helping me get  her unloaded and getting her started and on the road for the last time. I will miss her as we has some great adventures together. Happy trails Izzy!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Han's Point of View...Oh No...Mom Fell...

OH NO! Mom fell Chewie! 
Quit licking her in the face! 
Get away so I can help her! 
She needs my help! 
Steady there mom. 
Okay, I am bracing, ugh, one more time mom. 
I am bracing again. 
This is the hard one, be sure to curl your toe under for proper balance. 
One, two, three up you go there, brace, brace, brace. Yes! We did it!  
Whew! All in a good days work! 
An extra ration for me!

Mom caught her toe on her long pants and went down like a sack of potatoes. Both Chewie and I ran to check on her. Brother gets excited and likes to lick everyone, but in his way he is checking to make sure she was okay and awake. She was. No bones broken just a bruised ego I think. 
I'm getting to show off my skills 
with my trainer Abby
Mom and I have been very busy with my training in basic obedience. I am still having a bit of trouble with the come-sit-heel return command. I will get it though.  Graduation is next week and I am so excited to be moving on to the next class. Intermediate Obedience. I wonder what we will learn in there. 
Mom says it wasn't the prettiest down, 
but I was down.

Mom took me to Sprouts last night and I barked at these funny looking things that were floating in the air. I did not like them. Mom said they were okay and were call balloons. They were swaying all by themselves and shouldn't be. I still barked at them.  Mom says I will learn they are okay. 
I didn't like those floatie things!

Yesterday I got weighed at the veterinarian. I am now 60 lbs.! Mom says I'm getting to be a big boy, that I must have gotten the Great Pyrenees genes as Chewie is not as big as me. 

Last week Chewie, Lizzy, mom and I went to Texas to help Heather, mom's daughter. Mom got stuck behind this car in slow moving to standstill traffic near Frisco, TX for over an hour, she kept saying over and over " Don't hit the Maserati, Susan." 
The car in front of mom, I watched it very carefully!
I got to see a soccer game. Little Andy was playing.  Mom said I was real good. I didn't bark at the boys and didn't chase after the ball, but just sat and watched the game. 
Andy is next to the goal

I am being real good and watching the game 
and making no comments to the ref.

Little Maggie loves to hold my leash and love on me and Chewie. She is finally warming up to Lizzy and will pet and hug her now.  Noah is still a little afraid of me, but I like him. The kids don't understand if they run from me I will chase them because I want to play with them. I am a cattle dog and will knock them down, it's what I do. Mom tells them not to run, but kids will be kids.  

Yours truly, Han Solo

Miss Elizabeth Bennet aka Lizzy,
yes we were on a Jane Austen kick when 
we named her as we already had a 
Fitzwilliam Darcy aka Fitz
Chewbacca aka Chewie

Chewie, Lizzy and I got our Halloween kerchiefs on for the big day but mom said not to worry, no one ever comes to our house anymore to trick or treat. So we all sat around and watched "Call the Midwife," well mom did, Chewie and I slept through it as did Lizzy. Mom said that the Texas crew got all dressed up for Halloween and that I would be scared. What do you think? 
A Disney Halloween! They all look scary to me.

We have OU football this evening against Texas Tech. I know mom will be watching, the rest of us not so much, however I will be curled up next to mom in her recliner while she scratches my head and ears. Ah heaven! Boomer Sooner!

Mom here...
I couldn't be more pleased with Han and the way he helped me when I fell. I prayed he would be able to do the job I had been training him for and he has more than exceeded my expectations. I was so proud of him and for him to be only 6 months old and not fully grown.  Helping when I fall is only part of his training. As we progress he will learn many more tasks. He is an exceptional dog and I thank my luck stars for him. Thanks Donna for posting his picture on Facebook and Thank you Rodney for having such and outstanding puppy for me.
Han as a puppy, who could resist that sweet face.

Han's Point of View...Third Times a Charm and Norman Art Walk

Three days in a row now Mom has put me in my harness and we have headed out to Sam's Club to pick up her medicine.
The first day they didn't have the medication she needed, so they ordered it. Then she walked me all over the store. That night she signed up for texts to let her know her meds are ready to pick up.

The second trip out, the medication was the right kind but from the wrong company. Some companies are okay, others not so much when working with generic medication. So once again she walked me all over the store.

The third trip out, eureka! Mom got her medication and her flu shot. This lady came out with a funny looking rolling cart and wiped Mom's arm with a white round fluffy ball and then put on some kind of a patch then stuck a little silver stick in her arm. Mom was brave, she didn't even flinch. Again she walked me all over the store before leaving. I only have one problem with Sam's Club, every time I go in there I start sneezing. I wonder what is in the air that causes me to sneeze. 

Mom needed to go get gas so we went to Walmart on Main  and 12th streets since they had the best prices. As we were going through downtown Norman, Mom remembered it was the second Friday of the month, therefore the Art Walk was going to be going on between 6 and 9 p.m.. 
Me posing with some of Bill's art work. He like to paint
Western art.

Mom made the decision to go downtown and see some dear friends, Bill and Juanita Williams. Mom said that Bill worked with Dave for many years and were best friends. Bill is a fantastic artist and was the Director of the Graphic Art Department for Media Services at the University of Oklahoma. Bill has a studio on Main Street above a gallery and Juanita has an adjacent shop where she makes the most beautiful hats and accessories. Mom and I had a great visit and got to see old friends the Suflitas, Taylor and Joe and their grandson. 
Some of Juanita's Creations

I was being a good boy

More of Juanita's creations
Mom said she was glad she went and visited Bill and Juanita. Good friends, good times, good memories she said. 

Mom here...Han was such a good boy, lots of people came in and out of Bill's and Juanita's studios and he never flinched. For a 6 month old puppy especially a Blue Heeler that is fantastic, as his brother Chewie would be all over the place. Han and I discovered that Norman has a Pinot's Palette...I love to paint so I just may have to take some classes. If you don't know Bill and Juanita I invite you to visit their studios in downtown Norman during the Second Friday Art Walk each month. You will be delighted with their work. They are delightful folks. 

Monday, October 15, 2018

Han's Point of View...First Basic Obedience Class

I missed my first obedience class at K9 University, as I was out of town visiting my brother Chewbacca and sister Lizzy. Mom was dog sitting while Christie was on a recruiting trip. So I had some making up to do, but I am a quick learner so it was not a problem. 

Abbi our trainer is real nice and signaled that class was getting ready to start as I was outside playing with several dogs in the large training area. Since it was nasty weather, class was going to be inside. We worked on the down, stay, and the inside turn. Mom did real well in getting me to heel and sit. She had to work a bit to get me to lay down as I am a bit stubborn on going down, but I got there. The inside turn is such a breeze, Mom didn't have any trouble perfecting it. 

There are a lot of dogs in my class. There is another Han and he is a BIG German Shepard about a year old. There are several German Shepherds, a Husky, an Irish Setter and lots of other breeds. 

Mom talked to a cool guy who rescues Golden Retrievers. He is the one that has the Irish Setter. She is a real sweetheart, about the same age as me. 

The weather was starting to turn nasty again, earlier that morning a tornado hit Midwest City. Needless to say my senses were on heighten alert.  Thank goodness there were no more tornados that day. 

Mom here...
Han is doing really well with his obedience training. He is such a quick learner. I am really pleased with his progress. Now if I can just get him to quit barking at every little sound outside I will be a happy camper.  

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Han's Point of View...Amish Cheese House and Whole Foods

Wow, Mom just buckled me into my seat in the car and we're off again! I just love traveling in the car, I get to go to such interesting places. I wonder where she will take me next?
In my comfy place in the car

About 35 miles east of Tulsa is the small town of Chouteau, Oklahoma just north of Highway 412. In the area there is a thriving Amish community. Mom's sister-n-law, Karen, told her about this cheese, bakery and restaurant place called the Amish Cheese House, located about 5 minutes north of the highway just before the first stoplight on the west side of the main drag. 
Amish Cheese House in Chouteau Oklahoma

Mom loves grass fed rolled butter from cows and this is the only place so far in Oklahoma she has found that she can find it.  Otherwise she has to go to either Kansas City or Longview, Texas to get it.  Auntie Karen says it is wonderful and so fresh. The best they have ever had. It comes in two pound Rolls. I know Mom was so happy to get some. 
This butter is so good! So says Mom
When we got in the store two little boys came running up to me and the youngest one started to pet me (which is a no, no). Mom was real sweet and explained to the boys that I was a service dog, that means I help my mom, and I must not be distracted from my job while I am working. That is why I wear a special vest to tell people that I am working.  

Then a young girl came up and mom talked to her as well. She was very nice, she helped my mom find some things in the store.  We went through the store and tasted lots of samples. Mom also bought a yummy cinnamon butter spread for her toast. At least she said it was yummy as I am not allowed to taste it. 
Yummy Cinnamon Spread

We left the store and went back into Tulsa to the Whole Foods store at 41st and Peoria. Mom said it brought back a lot of memories for her as the back part of the store use to be a place called Joe's and that is where Mom and her love, Dave, had their first drink 47 years ago. Wish I could have known him. Mom says he was the best!
Buffalo Bones for Bone Broth

Mom was shopping for grass fed beef bones and got grass fed buffalo bones to make bone broth with instead.  The Whole Foods store in Oklahoma City was out of them and so she thought she would check with the Tulsa store while there. I love going into the store. I like seeing all the neat things that are in there, besides I like walking beside Mom's electric cart. People in there are so nice, however Mom and I saw a man being pursued by store employees as he was trying to shoplift a whole basket of food. I think he might have gotten away with a roast, but left everything else behind. The store employees were filming him on their cameras. Mom says you never know what causes a person to steal, I guess he was hungry.  

After we got the bones for broth, we got on the road back to Oklahoma City. Mom decided to go through Henrietta and back on I-40 as there was a lot of construction on the Turner Turnpike. Half way back Mom got real tired and said she was having trouble staying awake. So she pulled off the road at a big gas station and she and I took naps. She said she slept about an hour and felt so much better.  We got back to Norman around 6:45 p.m. and she fixed me a big bowl of food and I woofed it down and she had some dinner. 

It was a long day, but she did good and I am a happy hound.

Mom here...I learned a long time ago not to try and fight it when you are tired. Just find a safe place to pull off and take a nap. You will be so glad you did and will arrive at your destination safe and sound, late maybe, but alive.  

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Han's Point of View...New Butts to Sniff

WOW, I have butt load of butts to sniff, no pun intended. Layla, Rosie, Katie & Kiwi and I am the only boy, how did that happen. But it wasn't for long as this was not a social call. 
Mom and Me, aren't I a handsome guy!

Mom and I took a road trip to Tulsa to help her brother out when he was having a surgery Monday. We had to get up super early and be at Hillcrest Hospital near downtown Tulsa by 6:00 a.m. I got to meet the receptionist, nurses and doctors and see how Day Surgery works.  How fun, I was on my best behavior. 

Being in Day Surgery was very interesting as it was very busy with lots of people walking back and forth. I got to see an IV inserted, that must have hurt but Uncle Frank didn't flinch.  I got to meet the anesthesiologist, nice lady.
Day Surgery and all the hard working nurses
I decided to curl up under my mom's chair so I would be out of the way, too many people walking in and out of small quarters. Finally Uncle Frank was taken back to surgery. 

Now we have to go out to the waiting room, lots of people out there, more than before. I had to go to a green spot so mom took me on this moving platform thing. There was this deep dark space from solid ground to the platform that I didn't want to cross, but mom said it was okay. Mom presses a button on the wall and this platform thing seems to be still yet it moves. How can that be? It confuses me and I try to hug the floor. It makes me real nervous. Then the doors open. Boy there are a lot of strange things in this world.
Once outside mom finds me a green spot away from everything so I can do my business. Then we went back inside again to the moving platform and once again I had to cross the dreaded dark space, up we went to Day Surgery, again I had to cross another dreaded dark space. Will it ever stop?  

There is this strange bell that keeps chiming and people come through a door that opens and closes magically. Ah, that moving platform thing, mom calls it an elevator. I call it nuts! I'll take the stairs any day. 

This lady came out and called a persons name, she had on funny clothes and a real funny looking hat on her head that I didn't think should be there so I let her know and barked at her. Mom said it was okay that it was a hat used during surgery. I remember now, Uncle Frank had one on. 

A nice nurse came out and asked if I would like a warm blanket to curl up on. Well heck yeah! It felt nice.  Then suddenly an man with a plaid jacket and a funny hat on came out of nowhere and that frighten me so I barked at him too. Just once though. Just thought I would let him know I was there. Again mom had to hush me up. Sure like this warm blanket, think I will curl up and take a nap right here. 
The nice warm blanket the nurse gave me, ah warmth!

Pretty soon the Doctor came and called us back to the consultation room.  Uncle Frank was out of surgery and doing well and they were getting him ready to go home. 
We went back to where he was and he was just about ready to go. Mom and I went out to get the car and pulled around to the front of the Day Surgery building and out came Uncle Frank being pushed in this contraption. Mom called it a wheelchair. Looks like a torture chair to me. We went to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription but it wasn't ready so mom took Uncle Frank home and then went back to get his meds. 

She got him all settled and then we struck out for 
Chouteau, that's another story...

Mom here...Han did really well at the hospital. Everyone was so nice and the nurses gushed over him. Several came up to us to tell us about their dogs. Several wanted to know what kind of dog Han was.  He is 1/2 Blue Heeler, 1/4 Great Pyrenees and 1/4 Lab. A lot of people in the waiting room were very interested in him.  He is quite the ice breaker. In his own special way he seemed to calm one person down, who was getting ready to have a surgery, by just his presence. I could see the anxiety melt from them as they talked to him. Cheeky little pup. Han is 6 months old now and a whopping 50 lbs. And so the adventure continues. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Han's Point of View...Lots of Travel Hither and To

I have been very busy traveling. Always on the go it seems. Mom made a very comfy place for me to travel in the car.  I have front seat privileges and my very own seat belt harness. 
My new service vest

The other day a special package came for me and it was a special harness that says Service Dog! It is red and black with reflector tape on it so people can see me when I take a walk at night. I feel so special. Mom says I have to  wear it when we go out as she needs help when we go shopping. 
Bazaar Cattle Pens in the Flint Hills of Kansas a cool place to stop

Last week I got to go to Kansas City to see my brother Chewbacca (Chewie) and Lizzie. Chewie is a bit off the wall and loves to play and we have lots of fun chasing each other and wrestling. Sometimes we got so rowdy that mom had to our leads on us to get us to settle down. Lizzy is my sweet step sister, who snarls at both Chewie and me. She just likes her space like most girls do. 

I had a great visit with my brother and Lizzie and look forward to seeing them again soon.
Chewie and me passed out after a hard day at play

Mom Here...Han is such a delight. He has completed his  Puppy class. And we are waiting for his Basic Obedience Classes to start. He is very smart and learns quickly. I can't wait to see what adventures Han leads us on.