Thursday, March 19, 2015

Home Again, Home Again, Jigity Jig...And Doctor's Appointments

I made it back home again, none worse for the wear. On Thursday before I left I had to make a run to Mineola, TX to get 100% gas. The problem was it started raining again and I don't like driving in the rain. I made it over and back safe and sound and started breaking down Izzy for travels the next day. The weather was suppose to be overcast and cloudy and it looked like it was going to hold.  

Saturday I got up and went to Denny's for breakfast and had a Grand Slam Breakfast.  I love Denny's but haven't eaten there in years as our Denny's went away in Norman. I got the boy's chocolate milk and Pancake Puppies. It's like a hush puppy but made out of pancake flour and fried.  They were really good!

J had to help me get my antenna down as it had gotten stuck. He also helped me with hitching up the car to the Blue Ox on Izzy. As I do more and more of this I will be able to do it without any dust ups. However I will need help to hook up the car until my back is healed. 

We said our goodbyes and I was off down the road with the three dogs and Honda(Libby) in tow. I finally figured out how to keep the dogs in one place by running their leash loops through the seat belt at the dinette and it kept them all in one place. Other than doing that when stationary and I have to be gone, I put them in the bathroom and close the door.
Don't open that door!

Interesting enough I ran into rain and drizzle just past Mineola, TX all the way to the Oklahoma border and then the north wind began bucking Izzy. So much for not driving in rain! I got off the highway at the exit for Winstar Casino, went into the Phillips station and got some food, ate and back on the road. Bear my Schiperkee, started yipping and I knew he could not hold it much longer. 

After navigating the Honey Creek Pass in the Arbuckle Mountains I found a rest stop for the dogs to take a break. Not like they haven't been taking breaks all day. I have to stop about every hour and a half to put the Honda(Libby) through it's gears.  This keeps the gears oiled and the battery charged.  I found out that if I didn't do it or let it go too long I had a dead battery. 

The wind finally died down and I got Izzy up to about 68 mph. She drives really well there and we made it home safe and sound. 

Ben came over the next day, unhooked Libby and we went paint shopping for exterior paint for the house. I picked out a pretty cream with deep red and deep blue accents.  I didn't realize that paint was so expensive! It will be worth it to not have the house looking like it was ready to fall down.  She will have a new coat of paint and will be all spiffed up again. I think I feel her already shuddering with joy!

I had one glitch while I was at the trailer park.  I couldn't get my black tank to dump.  I had to take it to an RV dealer this morning, they couldn't get it to dump either. I left it with Floyd's RV in Goldsby,OK, they put in a chemical that dissolves crud, having to leave it overnight for it to work, they will dump it tomorrow and clean the black tank out.  Hopefully it wasn't the dreaded Pyramid of Death! That is why I don't put toilet paper down my stool. This problem was from the previous owner. 

Tuesday was my birthday. The day started out not well as I was missing my birthday routine that Dave always did. Then I had a Dr's appointment where I had electrodes shocking my nerves in my legs and needles inserted and muscles measured for nerve damage. Fun eh! Thankfully it didn't take long and I was out the door and buying myself a Keurig Coffee maker for my birthday. After getting home and starting vacuum the carpet my sweeper went on the fritz so back to Wally World I went and got myself a Bissell sweeper.  It is nice and does the job. 

Wednesday I had another medical test, this time it was a spinal tap with contrast dye inserted in my spine and a CT scan to map my nerves. I'm a weenie when it comes to pain. On my Dr's visit on Monday I had my physician give me more pain killers and I made sure I took them for the test on Wednesday. If your lucky you won't have the dreaded cerebral headache, I wouldn't know if I did, because I kept myself medicated all day.  Nothing like be a cross between a hazy daze and a floating opportunity! Thanks goes out to my buddy Ed, who drove me up to and back from the city.  

Friday is almost here and I have another Dr's appointment tomorrow. Sheesh enough already! I guess this is how it is when you are out on the road. Use your down time wisely!  

I miss my family already, so here are some parting shots!
Mother and Daughter

Daddy and his little girl

Sleeping Princess!

All right where's MOM!

Big Brother and Lil Sis!

Happy trails....

Andy man and Lennox