Saturday, February 28, 2015

Learning The Ropes...

Its been rather quiet here due to the weather.  Lots of snow and clouds.  I've been staying at my daughter's house to help with early morning appointments since she is not yet able to drive.  

We had a big snow storm in which I made my way out to the RV park where Izzy is parked before it hit, checked my propane levels and set up heaters inside the rig. All of them on low of course but able to keep things warm.  I need to make a propane run but everything is so wet and yucky that the electric heaters will have to suffice until I can see dryer ground. As for cooking, the microwave does just fine. I found out that propane trucks will not come to fill motor homes, however propane is cheaper here than in Oklahoma, $3.00 a pound. 

The doggies seem to have adjusted to confined living. When the first snow hit with a layer of sleet underneath, I tethered them to the 12 foot lead and sent them out the door and then shut the lead in the door. They did their business and made a hasty retreat back into Izzy. 
Andy getting his coat put on by Dad...Wiggle Worm!

Noah holding still for Dad...

All the boys ready to build a snowman and
have snowball fights!
Great Snowman!
Sad demise!
J and the boys built a wonderful snowman. He looked like the Cat in the Hat, but he met a terrible demise the next day due to warmer temperatures. Getting the coats on two wiggly excited boy was a chore for dad. Maggie got to "see" her first snow!
Maggie's first snow at 1 week old.

I managed to get two of my three slides in, but made the mistake of leaving my big slide out and now there is a snow and ice wedged on top and the slide will not come in at the top. I will have to wait until it melts to bring in the slide before the next ice storm.  All of this is a learning process.  

I have lost 7 lbs and my blood sugar is coming down due to it.  Lots of up and down here at the house running after the boys and holding little Miss Maggie.

My back and hips were hurting so bad I could barely move. J literately made an appointment for me without my knowledge with the Chiropractor and took me.  My back from my waist to my tailbone was out of place as well as my hips.  After 4 appointments I feel better, but will still have to have surgery to relieve the spinal stenosis problem. 

At the moment I am doing some laundry and getting ready for a one day trip to Dallas tomorrow for a Tastefully Simple training. I will be getting to taste our new Spring and Summer line that is now ready for online orders. I'm making rustic beer bread this afternoon to go with dinner.  It is so good and so simple. My grandson Noah will help me.  He loves to cook. 

Time to fold laundry and get some things done around here.

As for me, life is in the simple lane!

Happy Trails...

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Long Wait is Over...In More Ways Than One...

Meet our little Miss Maggie!
Last Friday morning I was up and loading the last of what I thought I needed into Libby my Honda. I did a once through the house, unplugged the coffee maker and such, loaded the dogs into Izzy, did a quick walk around the whole set up, locked the house up and fired up Izzy and pulled out of the drive-way at 11:30 a.m. heading southbound on I-35 to Texas. The drive was tiring as I was bucking a good head wind of about 15 to 20 mph winds. Not fun at all, but we made it to the RV park in White Oak, Texas at about 6:45 p.m. All in all it was not a bad drive.  The only mishap was somehow I ran my battery down and could not start my car. J my "son" came and rescued me after my daughter was unable to get the car jumped. 

Saturday was spent trying to get things stowed away inside and meeting the new neighbors, Sandy and Thomas.  They are very nice and Thomas was a huge help in getting me set up with showing me how to flush the RV anti-freeze from my lines and get  fresh water into my system.  He also help solve a water problem with a water line running to a non-working refrigerator.  He also showed me how to set up my sewer system.  Then he helped me with my furnace. Now I am all good and in the process of figuring things out. 

Managing the dogs has been interesting.  Fitz is learning that he is not the big dog, I am. I have had to make a couple of shopping runs to pick supplies up like a 30 ft. covered steel wire to let the big dogs out to do their business and a pooper scooper, as we are required to keep the poop picked up around our site.

Monday afternoon J picked me up from the house where I had been watching the boys while he and Heather were at Dr. appointments and took me to a Chiropractor to try and help me get some relief for the pain in my back.  Afterwards we went to Jucy's Hamburger Joint and had dinner.  I went back to the RV and was getting ready for bed when the phone rang at 11:00 p.m. and I was informed that Heather's water had broken and they were headed to the hospital and could I go and watch the boys. I got redressed, let the dogs out one more time and penned them in my bedroom.  Off I went to watch the boys. We curled up on the couch and watched 101 Dalmatian's. J's parents walked in the door and said that I need to go to the hospital that Heather had asked for me.  Off I went, heading for Good Shepherd Hospital.  
All ready to meet the family
Auntie Christie snuggling with
her new niece
Welcome to the world Margaret Sophia "Maggie"

Getting into the hospital after hours is like getting into a Federal Court House. Once inside I made my way up to Labor and Delivery. Heather was in the same room she had for Andy and the same nurse. Since she had eaten just a few hours previous we had to wait until 2:00 a.m. for
Big Brothers waiting for little sis Maggie
Noah holding Maggie for the first time

Andy holding Maggie for the
first time
Daddy and his little princess!
little Miss Maggie to make her appearance.  She was due to come Ash Wednesday but had other plans.  A girl with her own mind.  
Miss Maggie and Mamma
Mother and daughter are doing well and came home yesterday.  Big brother is lavishing lots of kisses on Miss Maggie. Andy is not quite sure what to do with her. I know one thing...she is going to have to hold her own with her brothers. Somehow I think she will. 

Happy trails...

Maggie and her brothers at home

Monday, February 9, 2015

Packing Izzy...

I got Izzy out of the RV shop Friday only to take her back to Chad's Car Care to have the generator oil changed and a new filter put in.  While waiting for Izzy to be serviced, my friend Ed and I grabbed a quick bite and went over to McClain's RV and picked up a new sewer hose, clear sewer elbow
No leaks with this get up!
To see the yucky stuff with

and a Trip Journal. On the way back to Chad's I saw the UPS truck at Kjelshus and wondered if they had delivered my surge protector,
So I don't loose my appliances
they did so I got that and then Ed dropped me off at Chad's as he had another appointment with OU and Wyoming wrestling. After Chad was done with her, I headed her down to Johnson Road exit on I-35 to Klassic Cars located in the old red roofed Stuckey's building and Darrel Lester. Darrel has been doing our cars body work for over 30 years and there is no one else I trust to do work on my vehicles. Since T & W Tire is going to pay for it, so much the better.  The other part of the fender
A zippy way to hold
something together.
started to come off so Darrel drilled 4 holes and zip tied it so it would stay together for now.

The wind was atrocious and I had never driven in those kinds of conditions with anything that big. Let me just say it was not fun by any measure, a lot of movement in the steering wheel. I did get home safe and sound though, non worse for wear so to speak.
Izzy and her new flag sitting pretty in the driveway

I have a single lane drive-way that widens to hold at least six small cars.  Yesterday I needed to back Izzy in so I could have the coach door facing the house. I have experience backing trailers and such but this was my first attempt to back a 36 ft. motor home. Several people suggested that I pull up facing east and back her in that way to avoid the tree by the drive. As one would say, I made the attempt...FAILURE!  I pulled down the street and turned her around, pulled her back around the corner in front of my house facing west. I started the backing process, got part way into the drive. put her
Right on the edge!
into forward, straightened out the wheels, pulled into our neighbors driveway, straightened the wheels some more, slipped the ole girl into reverse and eased my way into place.

Can you say...HIGH FIVE!!!!!!! At the top of your lungs! It was a thing of beauty.

Saturday morning I went back into Izzy and started cleaning some more and then the shopping bug hit me.  I only needed 2 items but ended leaving with over 47 items.  Let's just say things are more color
Love Bath Sheets!
New Colors!

coordinated now.
The Monster Hand Vac
The kids gave me a Monster hand vacuum that is a hand held tool with attachments.  My big house vacuum is too heavy to be lugging around. While shopping, I saw a nice little Bissell vacuum with

My new Vacuum 
a beater bar and attachments for $39.00. It's only eleven pounds and space saving. It has a lot of power and pulled a ton of dirt out of the carpet.  It just may do the trick. I still use the hand vacuum the kids got me for quick pick-ups. Other than oiling down all the wood, it only takes about 20 minutes to clean the inside of Izzy. NICE! 

I put a CD into the CD player and listened to the soundtrack from Love Actually.  I discovered I could do some great slow dancing in my rig, tons of room, just wish I had my dancing partner to dance with.

I got my front TV working, huge accomplishment for me since electronics and I don't seem to get along.

I like all my new fixtures in Izzy, they look great and somehow they all match! How that happened I don't know.  My new shower hose is really stiff and I guess I am going to have to run some hot water through it to get it to loosen up. 

Sunday, Ben and I went to Sam's to get a new mattress for me. Luckily I don't have to cut the end off.  Since it is foam, it compresses when the slide
New Mattress Queen Size
comes in.  The up-side is the mattress was on sale and I got $100.00 off!  YES!!!

Ben put in the dorm refrigerator in were the washer dryer combo was to
My dorm fridge
go. It fits there as snug as a bug in a rug! I also found out my air conditioner works rather well as it started getting rather warm inside. Ben also showed me how to let down the table in the dining area to make a bed.
Great place for the boys to sleep!

Washing new sheets, towels, mattress pad,etc. to go in Izzy. So much to do.   

Well my back has had it for today, time to feed the dogs, have a bite of dinner and watch a bit of Downton Abbey. 

Happy Trails...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Baby Shower...Live and Learn...

Lots of food for everyone
Shabby Chic Diaper Cake
I just got back from a quick trip down south for Miss Maggie's Baby Shower.  We had a wonderful time and little Miss got some beautiful items for her wardrobe. Little girls are a whole lot different to shop for than little boys.  Lots has changed since my two were little, that's for sure. 

Heather's Wrist-let
I love this onesy!
The theme of the shower was Shabby Chic. Baby colors are yellow and grey. Jade Lewis out-did herself as did the other hostesses. It was just lovely.  Jade is a very talented woman and a blessing to her friends. The other Grandma, Irene,  provided a lot of the food and I provided the corsage for Heather and some of my Tastefully Simple dips and beer bread. The other hostesses added their own special touches to the festivities. 

I now know why I don't like to drive at night...I fall asleep! Had to fight to stay awake coming back home Monday night.  

This morning my friend Ed, picked me up and we made the trek to Oklahoma City to pick up Izzy from Chad's Car Care and take her to Kjelshus RV Repair. After I got to Kjelshus, I learned that he doesn't do oil changes for the generator.  Hmm! When I pick up Izzy on Friday, I will be taking her back to Chad's for him to change out her generator oil. 

She loved getting out on the road this morning and didn't even protest although I'm sure she would have liked to have hit the open road and "let loose" so to speak, instead of having to go around the corner to the next appointment.  She reveled in getting new brakes, a lube job, oil change, windshield wipers, new fluid in her wheel bearings and drive train lubed. She was just shuddering with happiness as I fired her up.  

I can already tell she is going to be a fun vehicle to drive and explore the USA and Canada in. 

My bathroom sink faucet
At Kjelshus, she is getting a new commode, lights fixed, new receptor for the pigtail that goes to the toad, new bathroom sink faucet (Ed and I made a quick trip to Home Depot and picked one up), sun visor repaired and her height determined.  I don't want to take her top off when going under some of these low train trestles and bridges. Kjelshus is even ordering me a Progressive
Surge Protector
50 amp surge protector for less than Amazon's price. I also placed an amazon order for a new Oxygenics Shower fixture
Oxygenics Shower Fixture
which will be installed once it arrives in the next day or two.

Later on in the year I will get the refrigerator fixed and the blower motor for the rear air-conditioner fixed.  It takes time to get everything done, but when done Izzy will be quite happy to be back in tip top condition!

I was worried about finding pure gas for Izzy. I really don't have to worry about it as there are tons of stations that have it available, who knew, now if I can just get her under their awnings. I did come to find out there are fewer pure gas stations in the north than what I imagined, so I will have to be mindful of that when I travel.  

All in all Izzy is coming together nicely.  Once I get her back I will start packing her for my trip to Texas and the birth of my newest Grandchild, Miss Maggie.

Until then...Happy Trails!