Friday, April 21, 2017

#atozchallenge20...R-RV Rallies

I have joined several RV organizations and have attended two rallies now and I must say I have really had a lot of fun! I am getting ready to attend my third rally and am excited to meet up again with friends I have not seen in awhile. 

The first RV Rally I attended was RVing Women.  The whole rally was for women only.  It was  a great confidence booster to know I could get out on the open road, that there were other women out there and if you had a problem there was help and encouragement. These women were

Our WWII Veteran
great!  I greatly admired them.  The oldest person there was 91 and going strong.  She had her own rig and was still driving. She was a retired Army nurse and a Veteran from WWII. We gave her special recognition during the dinner at the rally. 

We played games, attended lots of seminars, shopped lots of vendors and made lots of new friends.
We all had a great time and was sad when we had to say our good-byes.

The Winnebago or WIT Club,The Okiebagos, that I belong to is a lot of fun. We have monthly outings and a yearly State Rally. Last year was my first rally.  Since I sell seasonings,
mixes and marinades I used that time to work the rally and didn't attend any of the seminars.  This year I will be presenting a seminar called "Take that Cheese ball to Dinner", but will be attending more of the seminar programs and attend a Ladies Formal Tea.  This group is a great group and I don't have a problem with theft from my table. I find most RVers are honest people who look out for each other. 

This year will start out with a tour at the National Weather Center in Norman.
Since I live within a stones throw of the center I think I will attend and then drive my RV to Shawnee, OK. for the rally. 

The Highway Patrol will be coming to weigh our vehicles and I am curious to see how balanced my load is. I have a feeling mine is way off and needs to be re-balanced in a most serious way. 

I'm looking forward to seeing my friends in the club and making new friends. These people are so encouraging, supportive and helpful. I just love them.

I'm thinking about attending the big National WIT Rally in Indiana this summer. It will be my first, just to check the scene out. Time to make more friends!

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  1. I learned SO much from the early rallies I attended. Being somewhat introverted, it was also nice to have my RV to go hide in when I went into people overload. LOL!

    DB McNicol | Oh, the places we will go! | Tennessee & Texas


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