Saturday, April 29, 2017


Fitz William Darcy
Fitz, my daughter's big dog has a penchant for getting into trouble. Yesterday was no exception. The dog loves to ferret out food, no matter how small the morsel. 

I had just finished a gluten-free pot pie when my daughter called wanting me to meet up for drinks at a popular watering hole here in Norman.  I put my tin foil pan in the sink along with my fork and left for The Mont.

We had a great time as it is festival weekend and we went on downtown to the Norman Music Festival for a while and listened to a few of the bands that were playing.

We got back home and I went into the kitchen and stuff was all over the floor that had been on the counter and there on the floor smashed was one of my favorite coffee mugs that had been given to me by my sister-in-law. I love bees and this was a darling mug with a two bees facing each other at the top of the handle where you could put your thumb. It was one of the easiest cups to hold for arthritic hands. UNBELIEVABLE! 
One of Fitz's previous messes 

Fitz had gotten up into the sink and hauled out the tin foil pie plate and when he did he pulled off the coffee cup that had been rinsed and was drying on the drying mat. 

I know one should not become attached to objects, however when it is a gift and fits your arthritic hand so you can pick it up to drink your coffee...well there are just so many things you would like to do to the dog, but won't because you love the darn mutt so much.  So he got put in time out. 
Fitz in time out 


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