Friday, April 28, 2017


After my fun trip to Shawnee, OK and the RVing Women's National Rally I decided to head to Oklahoma City to Chad's Car Care to have the oil on my RV changed as the engine light came on saying time to change the oil.  On the trip there I turned on the air-conditioner and noticed a funky noise so I turned it off not thinking anything of it.  

Chad's crew had just finished changing the oil and I was getting ready to check out, had the motorhome running and I turned on the air-conditioner and the funny noise started. Chad ran out and told me to cut the engine off.  They checked things out and low and behold the dash air-conditioner had quit working and was in jeopardy of destroying my whole system. Interesting how one thing can domino and take out everything. Wow! 

Thank goodness I had just purchased a warranty the month before as the cost to fix the dash air-conditioner was going to cost $6,000.00 SURPRISE! After all was said and done, after I had some other work done that was necessary which was not covered by the warranty, I was out $2,000.00. 

I know there are some people out there that don't believe in warranties, however because of the age of my motorhome, my lack of knowledge of mechanics and for my peace of mind I believe in them.

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