Tuesday, April 11, 2017

#atozchallenge20 ...I-Imagination

Ever since I was little I have always had a vivid imagination. Besides seeing the ever so common dragon in the clouds, I could see what others could not. Peoples faces in marble patterns in tile or mountain
Dragon's Head
sides, rock or trees. There were times when I would say to Dave don't you see it? The face there in the tree bark?  "No" he would reply. Argh!  

Seeing what isn't there takes imagination. Some people have it, some people don't. However it doesn't mean their imagination is less than mine, just different.  

I know the human face is one of the most recognizable patterns and we naturally see it in most things we look at, so it is understandable that we would see it in the plaster of our ceilings if we look long enough. 
Alien Face in the rock

When we were on the road traveling with my youngest daughter's soccer team I took my oil paints with me in a small wooden wine box and painted miniature paintings while waiting in between games. 
People would come up to me and want to know where I got the picture that I was painting.  I would tell them that it was from my imagination to which they would look at me like my hair was on fire. I didn't need a picture to look at to paint a picture. They were always amazed at what I would paint. 

In the evenings I would leave the door to our hotel room open while painting and the parents would drift in to see what I was painting.  They would stand over my shoulder and watch in amazement while I would use the tiniest  brushes to form trees and leaves on trees and billowy clouds. How did I do that without a pattern? For someone who never had an art lesson but watched Bill Alexander on Saturday mornings and saw how he FIRED IN on his canvas, I began to open my mind and use my imagination and think outside the box. Thanks April Bail for being my friend and exposing me to paint and brushes and canvas.

Another use of my imagination happened when I went to get something out of my car and discovered
that my anti-freeze cap had come off my container of anti-freeze and filled up one of my storage wells in the car full of anti-freeze. What to do.  I scooped it all out with a rag and put it back into the container then discovered my reserve tank was low. How to clean it so to get it into the car and not ruin
the engine...a coffee filter! Imagination and ingenuity. It worked beautifully.

I know some people are able to weave wonderful sentences together to tell fantastic tales of mystery and intrigue or love and romance. I wish I were that talented. Unfortunately I just don't have the chops for it. 

How do you use your imagination?

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  1. I wish I had a visual imagination like you. My husband does so he designs all physical projects (gardens, homes, etc.) and I wait to see what they will look like. Even with his descriptions, I can't "see" it until I can see it. I have a fairly vivid imagination when it comes to action things and computer projects, though. I can see how things should begin, progress and end.

    Emily | My Life In Ecuador


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